BleexYou: The best rooms in the world in a new application

LONDON – Searching for your next travel destination has never been so social. From June, in fact, it will be possible to download BleexYou, a new application that comes from the desire to find, and share, all those experiences and places that make us feel unforgettable and rare experiences.

The new application works as a common room booking platform such as Booking and Airbnb, but with only the best rooms in the world. BleexYou, in fact, is on the one hand a Social Media and on the other a search engine to find and book the best rooms in the world. From shelters from which you can see the northern lights to rooms literally immersed in the ocean, BleexYou wants to allow its users to easily find their next dream trip and feel part of a community of travellers who see the journey as a way of discover the beauty of the world and of themselves.

The application has a classic Home Page in which all the bleexrooms run (the rooms selected to enter the BleexYou catalog) and each bleexrooms has its own profile page where the user can discover the beauty of the room and its next experience in each detail with photos, videos and a written presentation.

The selection made by BleexYou is very rigid and inside there are only rooms that respect the canons of art, nature and beauty. It is therefore not an application designed for luxury, but to experience art. In fact, there are many rooms surrounded by nature that are not part of any large hotel chain. Each bleexroom is presented with different videos that show every detail, its history, its architecture and what the user can do inside.

BleexYou is already making travellers dream on Instagram with BleexPlaces. In June, when it will be downloadable, we will be ready for a small revolution in the world of tourism. No more stars to the rooms, but a certified and shared experience.

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