BleexYou: the best rooms in the world for unforgettable experiences

Organizing a trip has never been so social!

How much time do we spend on social media scrolling through incredible photos of wonderful places around the world, posted by friends, avid travelers, influencers and famous stars? Social networks become a window on the world, they take us with our minds to distant places and make us dream of being able to visit them in person one day or another!

Thanks to the numerous apps and platforms on the market, organizing your travels becomes easier and easier. The novelty in terms of travel for this 2019 is a change of perspective on the use of social networks: it is the rooms and accommodations that become “influencers” with their own personal “profile page” to follow.

BleexYou is a smartphone application, downloadable from June 2019 from the Apple and Android stores, which allows you to book the best rooms in the world by visiting their personal “profile pages” on social networks. It was born drawing inspiration from that Generation Z of which the Millennials are spokespersons, characterized by skills such as: passionate travelers and social employees.

The new app allows its users to find the stays of their dreams, from princely suites to alpine huts, with the aim of providing travelers with one-of-a-kind rooms. The goal is to live unforgettable and rare experiences that every human being should try at least once in their life.

The novelty of this application is to combine a room booking platform with the practicality and immediacy of social media. The user can decide his next destination directly from the Home Page, where the videos of the rooms are scrolled, or by saving the Bleexrooms in the favorites section. In addition, each room has its own profile page where users can discover the beauty and uniqueness of the room with photos, videos and a presentation made by the room experts themselves, who explain in detail the history and architecture of the ” Bleexrooms ”(the rooms selected to enter the BleexYou catalog).

BleexYou promotes a new lifestyle and a new way of traveling, increasingly immersed in the new super-connected, smart, communicative reality. Organizing a trip has probably never been so social!

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