How to discover the best rooms in the world

Finding a room in your next travel destination has never been so social.
BleexYou is a new application that comes from the social media frenzy. It helps to find the best rooms. And share them on social media along with the experiences.

The new application works as a common room reservation platform. It stands out from the rest because it hosts the best rooms in the world. Rooms that respect the rules of art, nature and beauty.
Therefore, it is not an application intended for luxury, but for experience.

BleexYou is a combination of social media and search engine.
Each room has its own profile page, where the user can discover its beauty and experience in every detail with photos, videos and written presentation.
Each room is presented with different videos that show every detail, its history, its architecture and what the user can do inside.

BleexYou is already making travelers dream on Instagram with BleexPlaces.
From June, BleexYou will launch a small revolution in the world of tourism, as there will be no rooms with more stars, but a certified and shared experience.

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