BleexYou Features

Live unforgettable experiences

BleexYou has selected the best rooms and the most natural and beautiful architectural places so that you can live through unique and unforgettable experiences.

Every room has profile page

BleexYou shows you the soul of each room through its personalised profile. That way, travellers can virtually experience the room before booking.


The user can discover every detail through descriptive videos and photos based on the rooms’ artistic and cultural elements.

Innovative research

BleexYou filters allow you to choose an experience that completely matches your liking.


BleexYou videos let you pre-live the experience of the bleexrooms. What you see is what you get. No nasty surprises at your arrival.

Your profile

You can become part of the community, become a bleexer and create your personal profile.


Take full advantage: direct support from the Bleex-hotel staff and from other bleexers is readily available. Share experiences, give and get advice. Besides that, Bleexyou App is a community of travellers and hoteliers willing to help each other and have fun funding unique places and living unforgettable experiences.


Once you have seen every detail of the room with the videos, pictures and visual tour in the profile of the Bleexroom, you can directly book the specific room and add or remove the services you need for your stay. Bleexyou App allows you to chat directly with the staff of the hotel after your reservation, to have an easier and direct connection and meet all your needs.

Push notification

With your account, you can stay up to date on the Bleexyou world, receiving notifications of new promotions and new Bleexplaces every time they are added. Bleexyou allows you to find likeminded travellers in your area and connect based on shared interests and hobbies.

About BleexYou

BleexYou is the first Social Media Booking App in the history of tourism. Within the application, it is possible to find the best rooms and the best places in the world selected to guarantee BleexYou users unforgettable experiences. The new application works as a common room booking platform such as Booking and Airbnb, but with only the best rooms in the world and crypto and ecological approach. BleexYou, in fact, is on the one hand a Social Media and on the other a search engine to find and book the best rooms in the world. BleexYou wants to allow its users to easily find their next dream trip and feel part of a community of travellers who see their journey as a way of discovering the unique beauty of the world.

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